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Everyone dreams of having a beautifully manicured lawn but not everyone has the time or the tools to make that happen. Others simply don’t realize that a single phone call to Grass Gator Lawns is all it takes to get the help you need and keep a beautiful lawn.

Lawn aeration is essential to a healthy and gorgeous lawn. But do you know why. `Since your lawn is a living organism, it needs food, water, and air in order for it to be healthy. The process of aeration pokes small holes into the soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots.

The result is that the roots grow more deeply, producing a stronger, healthier lawn. Aerating also alleviates soil compaction and provides ideal conditions for overseeding. Aeration works best when the grass is actively growing in the late summer through fall time.

But proper nutrients aren’t the only advantage to lawn aeration.

More Durable and Resistant to Foot Traffic

If you have a lawn, most likely you want to use your lawn. If you have kids or entertain often, your lawn might take a bit of a beating. That’s why aerating your lawn is so vital. When your lawn receives all the air, water, and nutrients it needs, it grows strong and is more durable. Just like when you eat all your veggies, you’re more likely to ward off colds and other illnesses.                                                                                  
Reduced Water Runoff
Water runoff is important to keep at bay for several reasons. First, too much water can kill your lawn. Secondly, it’s a health hazard for humans.                                                                                                         

Improved Fertilizer Uptake
Your lawn needs nitrogen to thrive. It is primarily absorbed into the grass by its root system. Fertilizing your lawn helps increase the amount of nitrogen your lawn can absorb. The results of increased nitrogen are a faster growing, stronger and more resilient grass                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Helps Prevent Disease

When a human body is fed the wrong food, it eventually gets sick. The body doesn’t have the proper nutrients it needs to fight off disease. To stop being sick, the body is usually given medicine and hopefully more nutritious food to help it heal.

The same goes for your lawn. When your lawn is prevented from receiving the proper nutrients, it becomes difficult for your lawn to fight off disease. This often happens when layer after layer of sediment, soil layering, or thatch get matted down year after year.

Aerating your lawn acts like your medicine, going in and busting up spots where stagnation and disease have occurred and flushes it out. The result is a more resilient, better-looking lawn.

Most lawns benefit from yearly aeration. Call Rick to schedule your lawn aeration services today. 727-277-5152

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